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Collecting Typography - Berlin

There is just SO much graffiti in Berlin, seriously, every surface is covered. I came back from my trip with a phone full of inspirational images for typography.

If you're heading there yourself I'd recommend a visit to the Urban Nation gallery ( to see the cross over between street art and art gallery. Such a range of art in styles we don't often get to see at home. It's not every day I get to see a giant Shepard Fairey piece calling his florist a dick.

The moonlight text above was taken in the toilets at the museum and might well be my favourite typography of the trip, smooth, legible and perfectly drippy.

Urban Nation's toilets - nothing to dry your hands on but a tonne of awesome typography inspiration!

And if you're a typography nerd then the Museum of Letters ( might be up your street. It was mixed reviews from the group I was with, the museum is probably better described as a lettering graveyard. The letters are piled up randomly in the vaults where the muesum is housed and there isn't any explanation of where the pieces have come from, what their significance is or any history of typography. Despite it not being much to the tastes of my group, I found it fun and atmospheric. It's a great opportunity to do some photography - I'd recommend trying some double exposures with the neon lights.

One of my favourite double exposures taken at the museum using an Instax Mini.

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